Mother’s Love (#43/52list)

It has been so cold here that I have not had much ambition to get outside to take any pics with my new camera so I decided to hit the zoo today.  The first place I headed was to the orangutans to meet it’s newest member.  This little girl was born on November 19, 2014.  Since orangutans only give birth to maybe 4 or 5 babies in a lifetime, this birth is very important to the Orangutans population.  Isn’t this the face only a mother could love??  Too cute!


The baby did have a moment where she opened her eyes to take a good look at me…


But I don’t think she liked what she saw…


So she nestled back into mom and went back to sleep!


11 thoughts on “Mother’s Love (#43/52list)

  1. Great story telling. Isn’t it amazing how their fingers look so much like ours. Love the hair sticking up straight. One of our friends baby had hair like that for almost a year!

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