Pretty in Pink (#55)

I thought my friends on the East Coast could use some color today (since the upper East Coast is expecting 1-2 foot of snow).  So here is your color…hope it warms you for even just a moment!


And here is a bonus pretty in pink for those who are not squeamish with bugs…has anyone seen a pink Katydid?


12 thoughts on “Pretty in Pink (#55)

  1. I have never heard of a katydid and I can truly say I never want to meet one ;).
    I’m presuming it’s not pronounced ‘katy-did’ although that is how I am tempted to read it (probably because of the ‘What Katy did’ series of books.
    I won’t ask what this ‘katy-did’ to get pink 😉 haha .
    Pretty flowers.

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    • It is a member of the grasshopper family and the green ones are fairly common here in the US….the pink color is very rare and caused by a gene mutation. Our zoo just happened to have one (although I have never seen one in the wild).


    • Katydid’s are a member of the grasshopper family…they are found mostly in the the southern US, but we do have them here in Nebraska during our warm months. Pink is a rare color, it is caused by a gene mutation…we have one at our zoo but have never seen one in the wild


    • I looked it up and yes they are downunder…but they are mostly green. The pink color is formed by a gene mutation and is very rare to find in the wild.


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