Freestyle (#53)

Ok I am freestylin’ it today.  This is a picture of a fish I took at the zoo’s aquarium.  It didn’t really scream “Choose me for the blog” so I played with topaz impression and with topaz glow to come up with something fun and colorful.

I don’t know about you guys, but with the gray skies and cold weather I have been really uninspired lately.  I have been doing this blog now since 2009 (Wow, has it really been 6 years?) and I feel like I have shot everything around me to death.  What do you do for inspiration?  Any suggestions would be welcomed!


7 thoughts on “Freestyle (#53)

  1. I know how you feel about inspiration. I’m mostly an outdoor photographer, and right now, it’s just too cold to hold and focus a camera. What’s inspiring me now is a book called, “The Practice of Contemplative Photography,” by Andy Karr & Michael Wood. It’s a different approach to seeing first and then taking pictures. There are assignments, but (as opposed to doing 365 or 52 challenges*) these are slow. You work on color for weeks, months…but it’s another way of waking your eyes and challenging your creativity. *I’ve done four 365 challenges successfully and then one not so successful 52. I think they’re great the first few times to show us all the potential that there is in our every day lives. But, at a certain point, we’ve learned that, and then they can become burdensome and repetitive. That’s when we start to get bored, and it’s maybe time to move on to other modes of learning.

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  2. I love your psychedelic treatment of this fish, tres groovy! Weather is not a problem here in Oz at the moment, but finding things to shoot can still be a problem. I’m always on the lookout for things in my possession that I find to be cute in some way or beautiful, I’m guilty of thinking some things/places etc are just too ugly or boring to shoot, so I don’t, could be missing out on a lot of opportunities I know. I think I started the 365 photo challenge about 4 years ago and have only posted only just over 600 photos in all that time, keeping up is my biggest challenge.
    Hang in there, photograph the things you love and then twist or make up a song title to suit, I won’t tell anyone….

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