The Imperfect Project

Yesterday I had an early morning appointment and since I wasn’t quite sure where I was going I left early.  Well my appointment ended up being near one of my favorite photo spots, Heron Haven.  Since I had time to spare, I decided to go click a few.  Yesterday was a stormy weather day, but the morning sun was shining thru in a weird color tone against the fog.  Once I got home the picture on the camera looked off, but once I got it on the screen I kinda liked the imperfect color tone.  Later in the day we were hit by a tornado, minor damage and no injuries.  My husband was lucky enough to get a shot of it with his cell phone from his work…that is the 2nd pic.


9 thoughts on “The Imperfect Project

  1. Ugh…it makes my tummy hurt to look at Scott’s picture. I am so glad none of you were badly affected by that tornado. I like the top one…that’s how it looked here yesterday morning. Foggy and eerie.


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