The Imperfect Project

Well I think my hiatus will be coming to an end…hoping to get to all your blogs in the next week to see what has been going on!   My return Imperfect Project picture is a perfect / imperfect one.  It is perfect because we have gotten one of my favorite animals back at our zoo … the elephants.  We have not had them since 2011, but since then they have built a new African Grassland area to house them.  The imperfect news is they were shipped here from Swaziland due to the poor living condition of the elephants due to a drought.  We got 6 of the 18 elephants that came to the US, 2 adults and 4 younger ones.  I spent the afternoon getting to know them…I am sure more pics of the elephants will follow!Elephant

11 thoughts on “The Imperfect Project

  1. Great picture to return with Tammy! Shame they had to leave their natural habitat, but great that they found a safe home. We lost our elephants a couple of years ago as the new regulations deemed it too cold for them up here (which I tend to agree with!).

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  2. I love watching the Asian elephants at our Melbourne Zoo, there is a new baby expected to arrive very soon. How wonderful that these African elephants will now get to have a better chance at survival.

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    • It wasn’t easy getting them here, but I hope they find their new surroundings comfortable. I can’t believe how much they eat…they must be enjoying all the food 🙂


  3. Great News. Next time you go take your biggest zoom. Find an elephant at rest and zoom right in on the eye. You can see right through to their souls. Elephant eye – Deepest pool on earth (oh maybe a whale too)!

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  4. I am guessing that is why they are trimmed. There were only 5 elephants on display right now….the 6th one (a huge bull elephant) is still quarantined because he is a bully and likes ramming the other elephants…even the babies)…guess he is in time out lol


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