Cutenss Overload

Last year was a year of loss.  I lost my dad, my sister in law, many friends and my beloved Chloe (who was my loyal companion fur buddy for the past 18 years).  I am hoping this year brings in the new…new adventures with family and friends and new loves into our lives.

Meet the newest addition to our family…a handsome little boy who we call Oliver (aka Ollie, Chewie (Chewbacca), and Roomba (since he eats everything on the floor).   We had forgotten how much work a puppy was, but we are loving every minute of it (although not so sure our Bogy is loving it, although he is adjusting well).  Oliver turned 12 weeks this past weekend and is just getting cuter by the minute.oliver12-weeks

6 thoughts on “Cutenss Overload

  1. Happy New Year, Tammy! Your little guy is the cutest and I look forward to seeing more of him this year. Here’s to a happy 2017!


    • Happy New Year to you and yours too Julie! We are loving this little guy, although he is very naughty lol Yesterday he somehow hurt his eye … I think he may have ran into a limb in a bush. So now pills and eye drops for a while. Poor guy!


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