2 Lil Owls Week 1: Outdoors

So 2017 slipped away from me.  Figured I would try again with a few challenges and whatever else catches my eyes.   It was 44 below 0 (with wind chills) last night and the night before in Omaha, NE.  So outdoors was the last place I wanted to be.  So I shot this blue jays from the indoors, but the jay was outdoors.  I think he is praying to the weather gods for warmer temps!2LOwk1Outdoors

10 thoughts on “2 Lil Owls Week 1: Outdoors

  1. I have so missed you here, Tammy, and it is so good to see you’re back!!
    This is just beautiful!
    I also feel horrible about complaining about our -17 degrees a few days ago. I cannot even begin to imagine -44.
    Stay warm, my friend, and I wish you all of the very best things in the New Year.


  2. Oh wonderful to have you back on here Tammy!

    Ah yes, the dreaded bombcyclone you are experiencing! Welcome to winter, now you have an idea what I go through every winter up here in Alberta, Canada.

    I love your photo, our jays have headed south for the winter, so it’s nice to see one at this time of year!


    • I don’t think I could handle your winters Simone! Today we finally hit the high 20’s and it was like a heat wave. Supposed to be in the 50’s by Wednesday! I am going to try to post a few times a week…not the everyday thing…just could not keep up. Good to be back!!! 🙂


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