2 Lil Owls Week 3: Out of Focus


It’s been so cold that I have had a lot of action at the feeders!  Thank goodness since I really don’t want to eave the house….except for work.


Element Village Suburbs Challenge

Week 1 Depth of Field: Alone and Great. This lonely squirrel did a great balancing act to try to con me out of more peanuts! It has been cold so my feeders are always a source of entertainment from the indoors! I shot this with a shallow depth so that the squirrel would stand out from all of the bare branches behind him (and also so you did not notice my dirty windows). Wk1PSE

2 Lil Owls Week 1: Outdoors

So 2017 slipped away from me.  Figured I would try again with a few challenges and whatever else catches my eyes.   It was 44 below 0 (with wind chills) last night and the night before in Omaha, NE.  So outdoors was the last place I wanted to be.  So I shot this blue jays from the indoors, but the jay was outdoors.  I think he is praying to the weather gods for warmer temps!2LOwk1Outdoors