Straight from the Camera

Went for a short cold walk out at Haworth Park.  This is along the Missouri River which divides the state of Nebraska from Iowa.   The bridge you see is the only toll bridge in the Omaha metro area.  We saw a few eagles flying high, but otherwise just a few geese.  Felt good to get out.  Today we are under ice storm warnings so inside again. I am using this picture for week 2 of the Petapixels challenge:  Straight from the camera.  The only thing I did for this was resize it for the web.week2straightfromthecamera


The Imperfect Project

Yesterday I had an early morning appointment and since I wasn’t quite sure where I was going I left early.  Well my appointment ended up being near one of my favorite photo spots, Heron Haven.  Since I had time to spare, I decided to go click a few.  Yesterday was a stormy weather day, but the morning sun was shining thru in a weird color tone against the fog.  Once I got home the picture on the camera looked off, but once I got it on the screen I kinda liked the imperfect color tone.  Later in the day we were hit by a tornado, minor damage and no injuries.  My husband was lucky enough to get a shot of it with his cell phone from his work…that is the 2nd pic.


Days Like These (#30)

I hate days like these when it snows just a trace but still makes the roads icy and the temps freezing cold!  It looks like a great day for taking pictures until you get out in the weather and your fingers freeze to the camera.  I must admit, I stayed in the car to take this picture with the heater set on 80 degrees.  🙂


 This is the Papio Creek which sits right behind my neighborhood.