EVS Week 4: Time

With all of the cold we have been having…I think it is beach time!  I took this last week while in Cabo.  80 Degrees and sunny!  Beats the -15 (with wind chills) we had here this morning.  I will take sand over snow anytime!  Wk4PSETime


EVS Challenge: Wk 3 Walking

WK 3: Depth of Field: Walking. I seem to always go for an aperature that is wide open when shooting wild life…I think the blur makes the subject stand out. I took this at our zoo and the large aperature also hid the humidity on the aquarium. This little dart frog walked slowly right in in the center of the aquarium and them JUMP and he was gone. These little dart frogs are a challenge to get a good picture of.

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Element Village Suburbs Challenge

Week 1 Depth of Field: Alone and Great. This lonely squirrel did a great balancing act to try to con me out of more peanuts! It has been cold so my feeders are always a source of entertainment from the indoors! I shot this with a shallow depth so that the squirrel would stand out from all of the bare branches behind him (and also so you did not notice my dirty windows). Wk1PSE

2 Lil Owls Week 1: Outdoors

So 2017 slipped away from me.  Figured I would try again with a few challenges and whatever else catches my eyes.   It was 44 below 0 (with wind chills) last night and the night before in Omaha, NE.  So outdoors was the last place I wanted to be.  So I shot this blue jays from the indoors, but the jay was outdoors.  I think he is praying to the weather gods for warmer temps!2LOwk1Outdoors